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Order from Our Personal hygiene Amazon Wishlist

As part of our commitment to improving the health and wellness of all Madison County residents, we've compiled a list of our high-demand personal hygiene items and cleaning products that you can order to our Food Pantry! See the Amazon Wishlist below.


Order from Our
Food Pantry
Amazon Wishlist

Want to learn which nonperishable food items we need the most at MESA? See them in our Food Pantry's Amazon Wishlist below. You can also use this list as a reference the next time you're out grocery shopping, if you'd prefer dropping off some of these items in person at MESA!


Donate to MESA and help us serve our community

 At Madison Emergency Services Association (MESA), we have been proudly serving those in need within our local Madison County, VA community since 1982. We are committed to operating as a resource for our neighbors, providing Madison with a full Food Pantry, critical Emergency Services, and access to additional resources. While we are grateful for all kinds of help and support we receive, from volunteering to resource allocation and food donations, we depend on monetary contributions for our organization's annual operational budget. Consider donating to MESA below. Your tax-deductible gift will provide free food and supplies to our neighbors in-need. Thank you!Your donation will go a long way in helping us continue our mission. Thank you for your support!

In Person

You can visit us at our location and donate in person.


Here's our address: 927 Orange Road,

Pratts, VA 22731


You can donate online through our PayPal Account. Click the button below to get started.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Volunteer with us!

Interested in joining our MESA Family? Let's connect! Fill out our form here to connect with us about Volunteering at the Food Pantry.

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